The Hidden Prince releasing January 2017

Nadine’s newest novella, The Hidden Prince, will hit shelves in January 2017.

A real winter warmer, this tale of love, deception and secret royals is the perfect story to curl up with on a cold winter’s day.

Keep your eyes peeled for its release!

The Captain’s Revenge Releases December 15th!!!

Nadine has been busy finishing up her Revenge Series with book 3; The Captain’s Revenge!

Lucas Townsend learned long ago not to trust a woman with his heart; a lesson taught by the beautiful and aloof Anna Spencer.
Having had his heart broken by Anna for being nothing more than a merchant’s son, Lucas dedicates his life to becoming someone she couldn’t look down on.
Now, years later, he’s the toast of the ton and finally in a position to give Anna a taste of her own, bitter medicine…

Anna Grant has never stopped loving Lucas Townsend, contrary to what he believes about her.
Having lived her life mourning the loss of love and envying other people’s adventures, the opportunity arises for Anna to have an adventure on her own.
Does she have the courage to seize the day, and win back the heart of the brooding captain she used to know?

Can the sins of the past be forgiven, and can love find a way to conquer all?

*This book can be read as a standalone.

The Spy’s Revenge is live!

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The Spy’s Revenge releases July 6th 2016

Great news!

Nadine’s newest release, The Spy’s Revenge, is coming on July 6th!!!

This is Book Two in The Revenge Series, although it can be read as a standalone.

Jonathan Spencer has dedicated his life to working for the crown.
He loves the thrill of the chase, the sense of adventure, the lure of danger.
Most of all, he loves Gabrielle Dumas, the fellow spy who stole his heart.
Jonathan’s life is wonderful…until one fateful night in Paris, a night that brought his whole world crashing down.
Three years later, Jonathan hasn’t recovered from the events of that night.
And now he finds himself in the middle of a mystery that will rock his whole world.
Can Jonathan figure out who is trying to destroy his life, before his last chance of happiness is snatched away?
And will he get the chance to open his heart and love again?

An Unlikely Duchess #1 Bestseller

An Unlikely Duchess has hit no.1 on Amazon USA in Historical and Historical Romance!

If you haven’t read it yet, now is your chance as it’s still on sale!

Highway Revenge Debuts in Top 100 on Amazon UK!

Nadine’s latest release has done it again! Debuting in the Top 100 in Regency Romance on, it is set to do the same on

Highway Revenge is a story of intrigue, deception and ultimately unavoidable, uncontainable love!

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Nadine Millard – Mum Boss!

Nadine has been featured in Mutiny Kids, Ireland’s first kids style and interior magazine.

In the feature, #mumboss, Nadine talks about where she gets her inspiration for her books, how she juggles life as a best-selling author and mother to three young children, and what her plans are for the future!

There’s also a chance to take a peek at her lovely family!

Coming Soon – Nadine’s new release!!!

Good news, just in time for Christmas!

Nadine’s new release, Highway Revenge will be available from December 17th.
The perfect winter read!

Highway Revenge is a brand new standalone Regency Romance full length novel…

Read below for what to expect!

Evelyn Spencer has spent the last ten years living in her uncle’s house and longing for the day when she can leave and make her own way in the world.
When she finds out her uncle’s terrible, hidden secret, Evelyn decides that she will first get revenge then leave and never set eyes on her wicked uncle again.
Everything is going according to plan…until Viscount Andrew Ashdon comes along.

Andrew has been coerced into coming to spend a dull few weeks at his friend’s country estate. Used to intrigues, seductions and debauchery as a spy for the Crown, Andrew can think of nothing worse than rusticating in the country with no one around to entertain him…until he meets Evelyn Spencer.
The race is on for Evelyn to get the proof she needs to prove her uncle’s deception and the last thing she needs is to be distracted by the devilishly handsome, rakish Lord Ashdon.
Can she achieve the impossible with Lord Ashdon’s help, by finally getting her revenge? And, more importantly, can she do it while keeping hold of her heart?


An Unlikely Duchess, Nadine’s bestselling debut novel is currently free!

Don’t miss out on the chance to read this sparkling Regency Romp!

Edward Crawdon, Duke of Hartridge did not relish the idea of spending time on an obscure estate in Ireland with his mother’s old friends. The idea held even less appeal when he found out about the marriage contract that existed between Edward’s father and the Earl of Ransford; Edward was to marry the Earl’s eldest daughter!
The situation, already bad enough, was made decidedly worse by the Earl’s beautiful, headstrong and extremely unorthodox youngest daughter, Rebecca Carrington.
Edward does what any man would do in his situation – he runs away. Back to London, away from unappealing marriage contracts, matchmaking mamas and especially away from the temptation of the gloriously unsuitable Rebecca.
But fate, it seemed, had other plans and Edward’s ordered world continues to be turned upside down by Rebecca’s arrival in London and all of the complications that come with it.
Will Edward manage to keep his distance, his wits, and his mind off Lady Rebecca? Or will he succumb to his growing attraction toward the lady and defy convention to make her his extremely unlikely duchess?